V7III special

just bought one (an ex demo bike) runs well but want to fit my sat nav and i need to get the tank off to fit the cable, i have the workshop manual but it looks very difficult to do as it seems all the pipes are crimped connectors so how do you get them off and back on again? had a look under the tank by removing the bolt and gently lifting it, has any one found an easy way to do this?


I don’t have such a bike, but aren’t they the same kind that most cars use nowadays. Usually have a little clip that needs to be pushed to release them from the fitting. I think you can buy a proper tool to release them, but I did my wife’s Golf fuel filter by pushing the clips in with a screwdriver.
Have a search on YouTube. There’s probably a video to show you how.

not like that at all, it is a crimp and cant see an easy way of getting them off without cutting them and they are difficult to get at.

Yes I think need to be cut off, and then you need the proper tool to crimp on new clamps (which also need to be the correct ones). Some people may want to try using jubilee clips, but if so they need the type able to hold the hoses on under pressure. Sure I’ve seen such advertised.

Just for fitting sat-nav, quickly gets very complicated and fertile ground for c0ck-ups

Wow - seriously? You have to cut the fuel line every time you want to remove the tank? Hilarious.

Think Mike might mean the clips, surely they wouldn’t do away with that wonderful “Push me Pull me” red plastic thingy that strikes fear into the heart of anyone undoing it for the first time.

Have you got a photo?

seems i need to cut the pipe and fit a decent connector that i can unscrew when i need to get the tank off, got some brass compressed air line stuff that should do the job that i can crimp to either side of the cut pipe and screw them together, got some decent crimps that should be strong enough , seems that going to be a winter project. managed to thread a bit of soft iron wire under the tank and pull the cable through, bit of a fiddle but it now works. seems i have got a few mods to do to make it easy to work on,


For that very reason alone I’d prefer to have a hose off then clamp it back on. In I’m surprised QD fittings were offered at all.

I ride and maintain a loop and most maintenance involves removing tank and seat before I get stuck in, a five minute job which makes access easy. Surely on a brand new bike this stuff should be easy?
Seems crazy that you should have to make it a winter job.
Just my two penny worth.
Good luck.
Cheers Ian

its not easy, thats why i asked the ? there are 2 pipes under the tank that are very difficult to get to, the workshop manual says remove them but does not say how, there is very little play in them, not enough to lift the tank to get at them so i guess i have to take them off from somewhere else, there must be an easy way to remove the tank , but i have not found it yet.

In this modern age where you might be required to take the front off your car just to change bulbs, seems par for the course. :laughing: