V7Sport colour 1972

Hi all, just rejoined the club as my focus has returned to Guzzi 1970s Tontis.
I have 2 mid first series V7 Sports one of which will be for sale in the near future. This one is a black frame with lime green tank and boxes. I am in a dilemma regarding the other.
It is all original with black frame, tank and boxes. I intend to ride it unrestored in the short term. Eventually l really fancy either black (or silver) frame with cherry red tank and boxes. My question is what do you guys think and does anyone have the paint code for the cherry red and silver colours?..comments appreciated, Chris Savage

Hi all, think I have posted my first subject in the wrong bit…learning all the time, sorry, will get it right next in future!
Chris Savage

No worries.
Looking forward to seeing any pictures of those Sports

I’m not sure about the Cherry Red colour but I wanted mine in the Burgundy finish the Americans got and found that Guzzi seem to have no record of the paint formula! In my case I just did my best to get something which looked right on the basis that there’s little chance of me parking up next to an original one. The silver frames were, I think, originally finished in the silver base coat used under the green or burgundy finish. However, I wanted something shinier so had my frame done in silver powdercoat as applied to some car wheels.

ooooh . . . that looks really lovely.

Thanks. It’s not a bike to go out on if you want to keep a low profile.