V85 oil filter cover torque

Just completed the 12k on my V85. The oil filter cover is an M8 bolt to which Guzzi recommend a torque setting of 25Nm. Now my spidey sense kicked in when I started to tighten the bolt and I only went to 15Nm. What do you ladies or gents torque to?

By the way I also found one of the centre stand bolts loose, they always worry me as the thread doesn’t protrude through the nut.

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I always use 12Nm for the oil filter cover and sump drain plugs on our ‘small blocks’ including the V85TT. Never had any issues in over 220,000 miles of home servicing.

I’ll check our V85TT’s centre stand and report back if there’s an issue with the bolts.

Thanks Chris that’s reassuring to know

+1, ‘that much’, aka when I think it feels done up. :smiley:

(Re: V7 850 Special 2021)

However, couple of years ago I bought a small torque wrench because I was curious, when I do something up ‘by feel’, what is it actually? Turns out, using the same kind of handle length for leverage (10 inches), for me, ‘that much’ is around 10 - 12 N-m.

It is mindful to check though because it’s easy to overload little ones, e.g. M6 at 8.8 strength shouldn’t be more than 10.5 N-m. Stainless M6 is 8.7.