V85 TT upgrades for 2021

Hi Everyone,

According to MCN there’s some changes to this year’s centenary 2021 model of the V85 TT. Updates include:

  • new wheel rims that allow tubeless tyres to be fitted, ‘moto guzzi’ in red no longer visible
    top end modifications means bit more torque at low and middle range RPM
    ‘sport’ and ‘custom’ riding modes bring total of modes available up to 5
    slight colour scheme changes on premium graphics Sahara in that tank from the front is white/black/yellow (as opposed to yellow/black/white) plus side panels have more yellow and black and no white
    slight colour changes on Kalahari side panels in that they are white & black and no red
    different graphics/colour on fork stanchion protectors
    the standard graphics V85 TT has a new all black colour

thread update:
on another website it looks like the Giallo Sahara is being renamed to Giallo Mojave and Rosso Kalahari is now Ross Uluru and the non-premium black model is Nero Etna so possiblt the grey and red colours are being dropped?

Also V85 TT Travel for 2021 is to have heated grips, larger screen and LED lights


I’m looking forward to seeing the new all black one in the flesh, along with the new V7 850 Stone :sunglasses:

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