V85TT battery warning light

Hi all,
I recently had the MG heated grips fitted at my bikes first service.
Since then, if I’ve been on a decent length ride (few hours) with the h/grips on (not necessarily on full power), I’ve notice the red battery warning symbol illuminates if I’m idling the engine. Once revs build, the light goes out.
Has anyone else experienced similar.
I keep the bike on a trickle charger when not in use, and have noticed that after a long ride, when I plug the charger back in it’s showing the battery needs a good charge?
Seems like a problem to me. Before I contact the dealer was just wondering if anyone else has similar issues ??

I often have my grips on full and a heated vest plugged into the USB, no problems at all. Don’t know if it makes a difference but mine are Oxford grips and I run them from a fused supply direct from the battery and not through the bikes wiring.

That’s a good point actually, the thing that is measuring battery Voltage and throwing the error is on the end of a bunch of wires, if any of those are loaded, the Voltage will look lower than it is really at the battery etc. This can happen in cars where the dash supply is lower Voltage due to bad connections.

My V85 has the factory grips fitted myself , never seen the battery light come on whilst ridding but have observed it after a few weeks parked up.
Maybe check the voltage across you battery with bike running and grips on, should be at least 13v.