V85TT Bumot Pannier Frames

Just purchased these Bumot Pannier Frames and Toolbox Moto Guzzi V85TT With the panniers quite expensive. Just bought the frames for now until I save up for the Xtremada Soft Panniers. Fitting the frames was a pain. The right hand side would not line up with the holes in the rear footpeg carrier. I nearly stripped the thread in one trying to get the bolt in. In the end I took the footpag carrier off and fixed it to the frame first and then reinstalled it. Easy but time consuming as its bolts are long and stiff with little room. Also the number plate has to come off and be reinstalled which didn’t quite work as the dealers choice of holes caused a problem with bolt length. An easy fix but just an annoyance. Now fitted feels very sturdy and I am happy with them.

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