V85TT Engine Bars

I’m trying to fit genuine Guzzi engine bars. Simple eh?

The bolts supplied in the fitting kit do not want to go into the front frame captive nuts. After a lot of messing, I’ve managed to get one bolt in, but the other side refuses to start cleanly. I’ve cleaned out the threads which appear to be filled with something resembling valve grinding paste. I can get a start on the threads but the bolt binds up tight immediately. Working it back and forth has changed nothing. I can’t tell if it is correctly seated or cross threaded, so don’t want to force it and strip the threads of the captive nut.

I think I’m just venting my frustration :roll_eyes:, but any suggestions welcome.

probably not what you want to hear but I would suggest removing the offending crash bar so that you check the bolt without an extra layer of metal to negotiate. Also check that the holes all line up as it is possible for them to move.

I assume that the new bolts are longer, so double check the thread against one of the original bolts as well as trying one of the original bolts to make sure the captive nut is fine.

The bars are not mounted yet, just test fitting the bolts. The frame holes are filled with plastic plugs.
The nuts are welded to the frame then painted over so maybe some splatter or paint stopping the threads engaging. I’ll try to find a tap to run through and clean up the threads.
The actual fit of the bars looks good, everything lines up where it should.

You know what it’s like, you leave a job in frustration, go back to it later and it goes in first time!

I have purchased these Moto Guzzi V85TT Engine Bars 2019 - Renntec - Motorcycle luggage racks, grab rails & more and they fit Ok on my 2023, a little fiddly but not a major issue. Just a little tight over the sensor on the left hand exhaust. I had them powder coated red for £50 locally to match the red frame. Very happy with them.