V85TT Front engine cover

We are all familiar with how quickly the finish degrades…
What are the most common solutions to this issue ?
I am considering getting the cover chrome plated…has anyone done so …? And is it a viable solution ?

Lather it with ACF-50, XCP Rust Blocker or similar is the most common approach. A clear high temp coating might work. I haven’t seen anything more creative than this yet.

Thanks Bob. I think in order to get the cover to a clean enough state it will need to be taken off. If its off…then there must be better options than a bit of aerosol product…ill ask the question on Facebook /google

i’ve had good results with this product in protecting bare metal - e.g. fork legs - not particularly expensive, and in my experience it is a neautral clear coat (doesn’t yellow, craze or crackle.

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I’d be interested to see if you come up with any other solutions, I’m imagining I might’ve seen someone paint the bare alloy (was it red?).

I’ve tried polishing the bare alloy to get the finish back however it’s very difficult to avoid getting polish on the black surface which then leaves a white’ish residue which is an issue in itself!

I’ve seen black hammerite all over it, works ok. i havent done anything to mine and its very tatty looking but doesn’t do any harm to the bike so I’ve left it. i ride almost every day all year round unless there is thick snow on the road so i didn’t expect it to stay pristine.

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Had mine replaced under warranty. Considering cerakote to protect the replacement. Said to be very durable - and available in virtually any colour you want…

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High temp paint coating (satin black) did try a ht red but it looked bloody awful.