V85TT handlebar adjustment

I want to pull the handlebars back on my 2022 V85TT not by a great amount but probably enough to require moving the clutch and brake lever assembly’s including the switchgear.
Is this OK/possible to do, has anyone out there done this.

Welcome to the forum Huzzi, I’m sure someone will be along soon to answer your question. :+1:

What you need is something like these:

They are manufactured by SW-Motech so will be pretty widely available.

Was that what you wanted?


You may find that you can move (rotate) the bars back (if they are clamped) otherwise as suggested the risers are a good choice and can (if you’re lucky) still allow standard cable and pipes.

The switchgear may be “pegged” so fixed in one location

Thankyou for that, yes it was pegging that I was worried about.
I will move the bars and see what affect it has on the levers and switch gear, hopefully it will be minimal if not I will look at up and back risers.
Has anyone out there had success fitting these to a V85TT?

Well given that SW-Motech have a reputation that they are presumably eager to preserve, I would say that their risers are pretty certain to do the job.

They are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Some of the ebay gear might be OK, but it’s all a bit of a shot in the dark.

I’ve had some good stuff off the Bay, and some gear that’s gone straight in the bin…

Good advice, thanks.

No problem. Oh, and welcome! Hope you enjoy the bike!

(I’m new here myself…)

Hi, I’ve seen this extender fitted to a club member bike on one of the ride outs last year. They look good, as in don’t stand out and blend in with the bike.
He said it was easy to fit and he didn’t have to change any cables.
The handlebars dont quite suit me at standard position so I’m thinking of tilting mine upwards/forwards. I’ve got long arms so don’t need to move the bars closer, but these extenders look like a good well made solution for those that do.

That’s good to know, thanks.

I have been enjoying it so far, can’t wait for the warmer weather.

Thought i would add to this, I got my bars tilted up a couple of degrees, the switchgear is indeed pegged so you can’t tilt too far, but the brake levers are moveable so can be rotated to keep the same angle relative to your hand. Took a few rides for muscle memory to adjust when operating cruise control and indicators.

Much more comfortable now as my bodyweight isn’t all resting on my palms like before. That was making rides over 10 miles annoying, now the grips are higher and further forward I’m more gripping them instead of leaning over them.

The only issue is the DRL/headlight switch now very slightly is under the plastic of the mirror mount. Can still operate it, easy to push forwards for everything on. Just less space to get finger on switch to pull back to off, but I’m only doing that when stopped/parking so not a problem.