V85TT MIA Question

Hello all, managed to pair my phone with the MIA on my bike, everything works apart from navigation. When i select a destination it says no route found, please check your navigation settings. Im at a loss here, any help appreciated, thank you.

it will do that if GPS not enabled on the phone, sorry to point out the obvious but… yes i actually have forgotten to turn it on a few times lol

now i have the phone set up that when it detects it has connected bluetooth to the bike, it automatically turns on mobile data and GPS, starts the MG app, and a macro taps the data button (also you have done that too? should be two symbols lit on dash, one for phone, another for data).

btw if you bought bike second hand you need a subscription, new bikes get 3 years included

there are a few undocumented short cuts in the navigation screen too, to remove fields and expand the map. once you have a route plotted, tap the blue dot that shows your location and it removes a panel, you can then tap just next to the settings icon (on the + symbol next to destination) and it also removes the search bar. tap blue dot again to get them back.

two fingers up and down changes map angle. long press up on the right menu control on handle bar swaps between navigation or normal dash layout while riding

Thank you for the help and info. Got GPS on etc, just tried it on another phone and it works, i think it may be an Android thing, All the best, Jon

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