V85TT parts

I have just part ex my 2019 v85tt for a new travel version
I have listed the following on ebay if anybody is interested:
Centre stand
Heated Grips
Urban pannier set with rails
MIA bluetooth module
Also an offside exhaust header pipe for a Stelvio - new and unused

How much are you selling the panniers for?

They are on ebay from £399 plus £20 postage from Essex

Hi, can’t find on eBay, I may too late. Do you still have the centre stand available please.

Sorry Dave,
Sold and gone!

I couldn’t find the panniers either, tried all sorts of filters

Auction ended. Have not relisted until ebay do a special offer on fees! I will then relist - price was £399.99 + postage
Panniers are in great condition with all fittings, 2 keys and spare barrels for a matching topcase if applicable so same key can be used for all luggage. Only selling due to bought a new Travel model

Can you send me a photo of panniers please

Sorry already sold.