V85TT service

Hi, probably a stupid question, but on my V85 evocative, I had the 1st service at 900 miles, is the 2nd service at. 6000 miles, or, 6000 miles after the 1st service? , i’e 6900 miles? Cheers, SDA

I think the service intervals shown in the book relate to total mileage, not mileage since first service. Strictly speaking I think the interval is 10,000 km, which is about 6,200 miles.

Thank you , I was thinking that, but just wanted confirmation, cheers

the light will come on at a fixed milage since the last service light reset at the dealer. I go by that rather than the odometer.

Cheers Sid , I’ll keep my eye out

Do wait for the golden spanner as it can’t be reset to a mileage or date so if it is not on when it is serviced you will have to go back to a dealer once it appears to get it switched off. This means it will only reappear after 10,000km so the problem can creep and get worse. I am currently riding to the next 40,000km with the spanner on so I can get it correct.

Cheers for that :wine_glass:

I believe spanner will come on 10000km after previous reset

Thank you , very much

Lol…l made that mistake …the Guzzi tech could be better although l have suffered some criticism from certain people in the club …for saying so…

cheers, I’m on it , lol

Trev, no criticism here :innocent:

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Cheers :+1: all good now :it::smiley:

good question

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