V85TT silencer

Hello, does anyone have experience of replacing the stock silencer on the V85TT ?
I have looked on line and prices range from c£181 up to £1050. I am looking for something which is slightly less restrictive but not too loud. I also want a smaller diameter can to allow me to move the pannier brackets down a little.


Hi Andrew,
I’ve stuck with the stock end can, but replaced the ‘heat box’ between your feet with an Agostini Y-piece. The sound has changed very little, and only from behind does she seem ever so slightly louder. But there are now absolutely no heat-related problems anymore, and she goes quite well.
The Y-pieces all seem to cost around €300.-, and the others (like Mistral) do have a central mounting point (which is missing on the Ago, and has resulted in the heat shield carving itself a bit into the l/h foot hanger on mine).

I personally don’t think aftermarket silencers are worth the money that’s being asked for them, especially with the genuine one working so well (at least with a Y-piece). There is also a risk that the aftermarket ones are a lot noisier, plus they may well require a different map for the ECU (or a Fuel Compensator).

However, all that doesn’t really help you as you want to change to get extra space. I haven’t seen aftermarket silencers in the flesh yet, but from all the pictures in the V85 Facebook Group I’d say they are all designed to mount in the same way as the standard one - meaning that even the slimmer cylindrical designs will be equally high as the genuine item, and the extra (wasted) space will be underneath!

Hi, thanks for your experience with the V85 exhaust system , very helpful and food for thought. I assume the new Y piece is less restrictive ( is it a decat piece) ? I wonder if it is lighter?
Thanks again

Yes. The Y-pieces replace the Cat. If you ever take it out (e.g. to replace it, or to change the oil…), get it warm first! I rounded off the bolt on top of it…
I kept the Cat and all seals / clamps related to it for any possible future MOT emissions tests, so I can change backward and forward.
Essentially, the Y-piece flows a lot better, and is also considerably less heavy than the Cat. To me, the main benefit is that the heat can flow away much easier, and is no longer backed up into the heads / exhaust valves. The feet are also a little cooler (which does matter out here) :slight_smile:

As for gaining more pannier space, I still wouldn’t know how - unless you are willing to go radical, like Stelvio-Pete who changed the silencer on his red Stelvio to a low-level horizontal one! But again, I’d think that involves some bespoke manufacturing as there definitely won’t be anything on the market.

At least you have the option to ‘mix and match’ components with your son, and compare experiences! :smiley:


GPR decat going on mine today. Not yet sure how heavy the old one is but the new one was so light I really didn’t think the parcel it came in contained anthing!

Would be very interested to hear how that fits, and runs.


Fitted by a professional as I’m rubbish at stuff! Together with V twin boost. A little louder but not offensive. Seems to run very well but the ride home was in torrential rain so will need a few more miles to see.

Rude home?

Well, the weather was being very rude to me!

I have a mint ZARD pipe for sale if anyone is looking!