V85TT Sump Guard - Lost Bolts.

V85TT owners, it’s worth checking your sump guard bolts. While cleaning the bike after a 220 mile ride I noticed that the front of the sump guard was loose. The front two M8 x 16 bolts that secure the black steel bracket to the sump were missing. The remaining two bolts that hold the rear bracket to the sump were barely tight, I could undo them with my fingers. An American owner has also had this problem. Loctite 243 will be applied to these bolts when I have some replacements.

Page 204 in the service manual shows the assembly and torque figures of 20NM for these bolts. I can only assume they weren’t properly tightened at the factory. It hasn’t had its first service yet, this will be carried out on the 13th August.

Well spotted before it fell off and got run over - no doubt that guard is ridculously expensive, as with many Guzzi parts…! :smiley:


Having bolts come loose and drop off is a bit annoying to say the least but it hasn’t put me off the V85TT. It’s a great bike to ride and I’ll be using it in September for a 3 week European tour, including visiting Mandello for the 2019 Open House event.

At least it is held on with 4 bolts! My Stelvio bash plate has fractured from a bolt hole to the edge both sides, so I have removed it to repair, I have been advised that the solution is to add a pair od brackets to bolt it at the back edge, but I think it will stay in my Guzzi broken parts museum… :confused:

Funny that, I noticed my bash plate is only held on with the two rear bolts so is flapping about. In for first service tomorrow at SP Exeter so will ask them to fit the bolts.
By the way, anyone looked into fitting mudguards to one yet ? - It sprays water everywhere in the rain…


That’s one reason I haven’t bought a V85TT! For a bike that’s clearly biased towards road riding/light off-roading, it just doesn’t make sense. Saves money of course… and I notice GS’s do have a front mudguard…

I hope the next V85 offering from Guzzi is aimed at the real world, and not some fancy style-driven marketing world. That just turns me off I’m afraid.

Mine’s from SP too. I’m sure there will be more accessories available soon. A guy on Wild Guzzi has fitted heated grips with no controller and the dash takes care of control. The plug is just under the front of the tank apparently. I will follow suit. The Guzzi parts will no doubt not be cheap.

Hi, I ordered a front mudguard from SP (it is apparently from an Aprilia CapoNorde and a straight fit) and it is due to arrive some time soon. Cost is £30 which I was pleasantly surprised by.
Have you tried the heated grips option as mentioned on WildGuzzi yet.


This has gone a bit ‘off-topic’, so here a stepped reply:

  1. The loose bolt issue is well known (see the FB Group), but - like most other issues - affects only a few bikes. In comparison, most fixings on mine were so tight that I actually rounded one off!
    Especially to undo any of the side bashplate ones, do warm the downpipes up thoroughly before attempting to take them out. Yes, you burn your fingers, but at least you don’t round the screws off. (All mine are now re-fitted with Copper-Ease - no Loctite in sight anywhere! And they’ve happily stayed in place for a few thousand miles…)
    In my opinion this was a PDI issue, and some dealers are at fault.
    But Guzzi have made it part of the big Recall, so if your bike is affected by that anyway then the problem will be taken care of automatically.

  2. The spray issue. This is more personal, since for some people the design and looks of a bike are more important than its function, and they don’t take her out of the garage when it rains anyway…
    However, this is actually an issue. The nice design on the alternator cover WILL deteriorate rather badly in a very short time if you don’t protect it adequately.
    For the front: a direct additional part that fits straight to the existing fixing points on the forks as if made for the V85 is, as mentioned above, the front mudguard of the Aprilia Caponord Rally 1200 of 2016 model year (though it will need a ‘Fenda Extenda’ or similar as well). It clears all other bike parts and is a direct replacement for the original fork guards. On single-colour bikes it is barely noticeable, but on the multi-colour ones you either lose the coloured fork shields, or you have to spray the Aprilia item (stand by for more info on a colour match, I will try a Nissan one this week). Do remember to close off the hole for the Aprilia brake line fixing though - it is amazing how much spray comes through there!
    For the rear: A cheap Chinese rear mudguard for a Honda NC700 off the Internet can relatively easily be adapted to fit the existing mounting points on the bevel box. Not very pretty (a bit like on a BMW), but definitely works and keeps the mud off the top of seat, top box, rider, and so on! I chopped down the bracket a bit, drilled 2 more holes, and hey presto! (see pic) But be careful with the positioning - mine only barely just clears the reflector when the suspension gets compressed - elongated holes would perhaps give some adjustment.