V9 bobber stator

Hi is there any oil behind the alternator cover on the v9 850 only asking as I know it’s got a gasket fitted didn’t want to remove it only to get covered in oil
There’s very little info on line about it hope someone here could help
And if you could also tell me what voltage I should be reading going in to the battery at around 3000 to 5000 rpm
Kind regards

Looking at this photo, it does suggest there is only one cover on the front of the engine, unlike the older small blocks that had an inner cover over the cam chain and a plastic outer cover over the alternator. So I would say yes there is oil behind the cover
As for battery voltage, I would expect to see around 13.8V when measured across the battery using an old school analogue meter

V9 engine

Hi Don
Really appreciate the info very useful thanks
I’m getting about 13.6 13.8 v at around 5000rpm so hopefully won’t have to open the front up to change the stator
I replaced the reg rec and according to your kind info it sounds like it solved my problem
Kind regards