V9 Oil level check

I have a V9 Bobber and could do with some advice on checking the oil level. The handbook states checking after 15 miles or so when engine has warmed up. Can the check be made while on the side stand or do I need to keep the bike vertical while the check is made? Obviously easier if I can leave it on the stand while I carry it out!

On any bike oil should be checked with bike upright. Checking oil on side stand would give different results to everyone as there would be no way of knowing whether bike was leaning slightly up or downhill.

My 750 Breva says warm the engine first. I have no idea why and don’t bother.
Checking on the sidestand is ok if you first check upright to get it correct and then put it on its sidestand and check where the new level is.
I never fill to the top but between the top and bottom marks.

Love my Breva’s centre stand, and the Nevada’s. SGM :smiley: