V9 Roamer Instrument Change to MPH

I am thinking about importing a V9 Roamer (2016) but it has a KPH speedometer. To register in the UK this needs converting to MPH. Is there a replacement face that is easily fitted for this w/o having to buy a new speedometer unit? What have others done? Thx in advance for any suggestions. Bruce

As part of the KPH face is there not a subset showing MPH ? UK vehicles have to show both MPH and KPH, unless certain other regulations are complied with.

The KPH speedometer i am talking about only has KPH… hopefully there is a replacement face showing both, but I haven’t found one.

Only in the UK then!* :smiley: I thought it highly unlikey le continent would have the mph option. As they’ve been metric since 1790-sometihng. Well the French anyway.

  • And most probably USA too (Ural is anyway)

Appendix - modification would have to be a proper replacement scale, i.e. taking it apart; I believe it’s not acceptable to just stick something on/over the outside. Also there’s probably the issue of the odometer and trip only logging in km.

There must be an option as these bikes are sold in USA and they don’t know a kilometer from a hamburger.

There is an MPH speedo to replace the KMH version- approx £518 inc VAT

Thx . . . I was hoping there was an alternative, but appears not. Cheers.

On my 1100 Sport I had a kph speedo with a curved transparent sticker applied to the glass that indicated mph marks on it. Maybe see if you can get one or make your own? Would have to be cheaper than a new speedo

That’s the thing you’re not allowed to do I think.


"d) A professional, single, miles per hour, overlay is applied directly to the speedometer face plate, not the glass front plate (the overlay must be durable and accurate, with markings visible in both day and night driving conditions).

“If you have to convert a speedo from Km/h to MPH, it is not always necessary to replace the entire instrument cluster, sometimes you can simply replace the speedo face with a Kmh to MPH dial. We manufacture Kmh to MPH dial faces for hundreds of different models, so check our extensive range”

Thanks Mike, I am not talking about covering the face of the spedo, only adding a few lines and numbers at critical speeds, 30, 50, 70 (and possibly 40) mph only, hence the transparent sticker as noted in my post above. It used to pass the MOT like that on my bike.

Never tried one, but I have heard of these gearbox things that you screw on the bottom of the speedo and screw the cable into that, it adjusts the rate of turns and so your old KM speedo now reads in mph.
Don’t know if they work or not?

yes Don they work fine I have used them on more than one bike and have one on a xbr 500 at the moment speedo is not checked on a mot the tester will record what the total is in miles or kilometres and if you changed the speedo before the next mot he would record what it shows on that day