Valve angle, round barrel heads

Can anyone tell me the inlet valve angle for a MK1 Spada engine? (Not the seat angle, but the angle of the valve in the head, I’m trying to correct a badly bored valve guide “hole” which has set the valve head off to one side on the seat, the guide itself is true). Are oversize guides available or will I have to get them made up?

I had an oversize valve guide made for my le mans head by Owslebury crankshaft services in Winchester Hampshire, when they re commissioned my cylinders, crankshaft and heads, They did an outstanding job! proper craftsmen!. They charged £20 for making the new guide and when fitted you would never know.I’m sure if you gave them a ring they would be able to tell you the angle as I found them very helpful. However I wouldn’t advise doing this job yourself as they had to re machine the head with a recess and make the new guide with a top hat machinned in it to fit into the head, all of this is high precision and requires the correct tools, i.e. not your average milling machine. cheers Chris.

That’s useful, Chris, thanks!