Valve clearances Daytona RS

A tappy Guzzi is a happy Guzzi ??
I’ve read differing views . . . . Mandello sorcery says 0.10 intake and 0.15 exhaust. Other sources (an old Raceco spec for one, I think),including some American forums, promote 0.2 & 0.25 respectively. If we “open up”, do we lose some grunt and rattle more, or does she breathe a little more freely, tick over better and say thank you ? Conversely, did mother know best ?

John Beckett

I can only say that more generally, from my understanding, US bikes tend to have a tighter clearance specified just to reduce noise emissions. The engines run better with the more open gap. No clue if this would be applicable in your application.

That’s the generally accepted view, spine engines run better with a bigger gap.