Valve clearances for an Airone

Hi all,
I am still awaiting my UK registration from the good folks at DVLA. I am now on my third application but I am quietly optimistic that I will get my documents this time.

Meanwhile I have been tinkering in the shed. The bike starts easily and quickly settles down to a nice tick-over. The exhaust note is now sensible, but that means that I can now hear a gentle clattering from the top end of the engine. I am hoping that this is because the valve clearances need to be adjusted, and it is not the piston slapping around in its bore.
I have the manual for the bike, but of course it is only in Italian. I have gone through all of the pages that give dimensions and measurements, but I am unable to decypher anything that might be the gaps between the valves and their rockers.

Can anybody out there tell me what these should be ?

Many thanks

Italianmotor mite know if you pm him…Mike Lacey also…details in Gambo…assume you got your dating letter from him…otherwise Graham Hempshall…

Good question!
As Kate says Mike and Graham will have the data.
Mick Walker’s singles book doesn’t list them.
I have a factory handbook for the Zigolo (totally different bike I know) which details all basic tasks including a decoke and carb strip. Valve clearances not mentioned anywhere.
As a rule of thumb; a bit more noise is better than none. If it runs and starts wth no overheating then chances are you’re OK.
Will have a look through some other material later.
Good luck

I would suggest joining the Google Guzzi singles group for info on an Airone. There is a lot of information to be had on there.!forum/guzzi-singles

Interesting this DVLA registration. I bought a foreign bike. I didn’t go through this NOVA thing. I just said I had the bike on display in my house for years (not true). They just classed it as a new registration. I got a letter from Mike Lacey to give evidence of age. Took it for an MOT. Then took the info to local vehicle tax office. They registered it + tax disc (free) and sent me a new log book with new age related number. Got a number plate made. Rode it. Quite simple really.

Thanks for your replies.
It appears I was too optimistic about my registration process. I heard back from the DVLA on Monday. According to their letter, they “haven’t done one of these for years.”. ( I presume they mean Airones and not new registrations ) and so they now need to send an engineer to my house to assess the bike, which will be another three weeks. Then the examiner provides them with a report which " which will help us to decide how to proceed. "
I hope I can get my number plate before Spring arrives.

they will be getting another soon
an Oxford member has purchased one
its on its way as we speak

Local Vehicle tax office… I thought they had closed them all down or was it a while ago?.

Finding an engineer is fairly standard practice these days. They sent out an engineer to see my Aistorino and they just took a photo of the frame number and engine number to confirm the information I had put on the application form. Nothing to be worried about here I’m sure you’ll get an age-related number soon!

Hi Richard,

I use .05mm inlet and .10mm exhaust on my 1954 Sport.



Thanks everybody for your help. I have not had a chance yet to check the clearances due to other commitments, but on a positive note, I finally got my registration doc from the DVLA . Hooray ! Watch out for 598 UYP on the roads around Essex.

Big thanks to Mike Lacey for the dating certificate without which I would have had to go to Piaggio, which is a long and arduous task, and expensive to boot.