Vehicle WARNED

Well this is a doozy…

Just found out that our lovely “government” have stopped sending out the V11 warning letter that many of us relied on to keep our vehicles legal.

Found out about this from another forum and was initially skeptical. But on going to the vehicle tax checker, found out that I had been running around untaxed since 1/8.

Speedily rectified, but just goes to show.

Apparently all you get now is the “last chance” letter.

Check here to see if you’re still legal.

They kept that bloody quiet, didn’t they?

Oh, and I suppose the usual warnings about making sure you’re actually dealing directly with and not some bunch of “service-charging” chancers also apply.

If only there were some easy way of reminding ourselves that our vehicles were actually taxed…something like a paper disc that you could attach to the vehicle, for example?

But we can only dream.


DVLA are a joke, I pay my overpriced VED by monthly direct debit, and at each years end they do send me an email to confirm the re starting, however as it is nearly 100 pounds for a small fuel efficient motorcycle that I cannot ride in London I have sorned it

my ex police ford focus is 20 quid a year !!
and yet when I travel to London i see obscene fat vehicles, with one person, driving short distances

Don’t believe this is true as I recieved one a week or so ago for tax starting on 1st September. However the government have introdced this;

Are vehicle tax reminders still sent out?

DVLA are asking motorists to test a new service that allows them to view their driving licence and vehicle details in one place. From today (2 August 2023), motorists can opt for digital vehicle tax reminders rather than having to wait for a paper reminder to drop through their letter box.2 Aug 2023


Well I’m telling you it happened to me. I got a reminder for my 900SS which is due 1/9 but naff-all for the car, which was due on 1/8.

I was skeptical as well at first, but I just thought I’d check…and.

All I’m saying is have a look.



I never got a reminder for 1st of August renewal , just a warning letter today.

I renew mine by direct debit and my Cali 3 is due on the first of September. I got a warning letter from them the other day saying it will not automatically renew as my MOT will expire before the due date.
I have quickly booked it in at my local test centre.


Yep. After I posted this morning, got my “final warning” (if only) through my letterbox today.


A few years ago one of our letters got lost, my hubby paid imediately when he realised and still had to pay a fine :frowning_face:

I got a reminder to tax mine last month, it runs out end of this month.

I have all my bikes and car on Vehicle Smart app (yeh, another one…) which warns me of both MOT and VED on good time via amber and red pop-ups. Think I paid a small one-off charge a few years back for the service. I don’t always embrace tech, but this works for me


I have a reminder set up on my computer for all vehicles. :innocent:

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Google Calendar works quite well for Vehicle Tax, MoT, wedding anniversary, wife’s birthday… :grin:

  • 1 for the vehicle Smart app. it cost me £5 about 5 years ago but I believe is free if you have less than 5 vehicles in your garage. It sends reminders for Tax and Mot. It’s also great for checking any vehicle history (mot, tax ,mileage etc.) if you are looking to buy. I would recommend it. Whilst walking back to the MOT station for the last mot on my bike, it updated me that the bike had passed its test within 2 minutes of the station completing the test. The dealer was surprised that I already knew of the pass and the advisory note they had added.
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If you go onto you can register and then enter your vehicle details and they then send you tax reminders via email or text.

This service is free.

I tried to register my bikes on the .gov system, but for some reason it wanted my passport number. My passport expired about 20 years ago and so i couldn’t use the service.

Don, you can use other documents to confirm your identity if you do not have a passport.

Unfortunately not. This is what comes up…

You will need:

UK passport (a passport that expired within the last 12 months can be used)

If you do not have a UK passport

You will need one of the following:

non UK-passport
biometric residence card (BRC)
biometric residence permit (BRP)
national identity card

The vehicles that I have to pay tax for are renewed automatically by direct debit, but the 4 vehicles that are historic need to be renewed by me. I have set up reminders on my phone diary.