Very sad 750T

Looking through some bits on eBay and stumbled upon this by accident :
One very poorly 750T, and how did it end up in Lithuania ?

All I could see was a fuel tank
looks like something heavy got dropped on it, or the bike was flipped
why the hell they are trying to sell that bit of rubbish I have no idea

Scroll down to see the whole bike, three photos. And check out ‘sellers other items’, then search 750 T.
Frame is nearly £500 and the bent forks are £100 !!
Glad I don’t live in Lithuania.

Frontal crash. Was it the rider’s goolies made that dent in the tank? :open_mouth:


Did that on my 250RS.

‘Soft Tissue Damage’ - even years later still has me hobbling at times.

Just found the images
didnt look that good before the accident
I cannot understand why they think a tank that is beyond repair is worth that much, but then an American Cretin is trying to sell a set of bent forks from a Breva !

As it’s a UK only model, (100 off), I am fascinated to know how it arrived in Lithuania. Shame it won’t see the road again.

there have been a few EE fellas buying up stock from garages and the like, too much to be nicked as he has tons of cars spares as well
lots of it RHD stuff
probably buying for cash from bodyshops and garages

The mind boggles as to the mark-up on these bits. I got a frame with V5 and two airboxes from a fellow club member for peanuts. The 750T in tatty condition (like mine !) struggles to get much of a price. He either reckons on becoming a millionaire very quickly or he paid too much.

or hes an idiot
plenty of them about
met one last year, I aint dropping my price mate first to see will buy
oddly the wrecked bike is still for sale !