VHB Carburettors

Does anyone have a lighter slide spring for the 30mm VHB Carb. Other than finding somewhere to make a spring I’ve reached a dead end. My 750 sport is unpleasant to ride with the standard 2kg spring…Throttle helpers are just a nuisance, I’ve fitted one.

Entry either Eurocarb or Ducati Paddy. Both are good for older Delorto parts.

Eurocarb are usually very good click here

Neither Eurocarb or Ducati Paddy list light weight springs for VHB Carbs because they don’t exist. Try a Twist Grip with a larger outside diameter, that will give you more ‘leverage’. Check the routing on your Throttle Cables. Replace the Throttle Cables but i suspect you have already tried that. Try a different Throttle unit with a smaller diameter pull. That will reduce the load.

Just some suggestions!

good luck, Nik

I have sleeved my throttle cables with a short length of 12mm ID reinforced oil pipe where the cables pass between the tank and the frame to ensure the cables don’t get pinched.

In the good old days I used to oil my cables but nowadays they have nylon sheaved outers not wound steel. Apparently oil make the nylon expand, not sure if that is a fact or an urban myth.

Check the routing, replace the cables and rather than get a larger throttle twistgrip, try thicker rubber grips first. It is more likely the cables or the routing though in my experience.

PS. I thought weaker springs were available?

They were, once. In 0.8kg, 1.1kg, and 2kg ‘weights’. But now, like some other VHB30 carb parts (e.g. slides) no longer available… except, perhaps, from someone’s shed stash!

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