Vintage for a shorty?

Any persons of restricted height got a California Vintage? It’s top of my wish list for my next bike but no dealer has one for me to sling a (very short) leg over. Anyone with short legs (29-30 inch inseam) got one? Can you share your experiences?

Yep 29" and got a 1995 Cali

I generally slither on with the side stand down and then the fun begins.

Extended, the side stand is a long way forward and quite difficult to reach and retract.

I usually do it tight up to the tank and use my toe instead of my heel.

Its not a huge issue - just a bit inelegant

Apart from that no issues

PS Where you at? You’d be welcome to have a sit on mine if nearbytris2014-09-25 12:26:25

Are the standard Cali seats the same as the vintage? The vintage looks more upright. Murdoch2014-09-25 18:03:41

Hi Murdoch,
I have a California vintage and am about your size.
I think the saddle height is higher on the Vintage ok but you shouldnt
really have any major problems.
The only one i had is reaching to put the side stand up as it is a good
distance away, but you get the hang of that after awhile.
The bike is fairly heavy though and that might be more of any issue if your not used to moveing around a heavy bike.
Love mine and would highly recomend.
All the best Deise

Tris and Deise are both spot on, i.m.h.o.

My '96 Cali 1100i requires the same contortions from me and it’s a sodding big, heavy old lump when stationary - but feels almost like a lightweight once you’re up to a reasonable speed.

I dropped it soon after getting it because of misjudging (i.e. not looking at!) the camber of the road - once it went beyond a certain point there was nothing I could do and really struggled to lift it back up.

But the “Vintage” looks quite different from our 1990s Calis - maybe if you tell us where you are someone will offer / come up with an idea?

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