Want one


Yes, I want one too, even though the seat/tank unit reminds me of a Benelli 900 I once owned.

Are all the photos supposed to be blurry? :confused:

It’s because its moving so fast! Yes I want one too :smiley:

LOL … :smiley:

I too thought that I may want to buy one of these.

Due to the lack of information from UK dealers I contacted Moto Guzzi in Italy and spoke directly to their marketing department.

The bike was launched at EICMA in 2019 and advertisements produced. Journalists were given a carefully prepared version to see and for limited use.

There were some technical issues in 2020 with electrics and the moving bodywork (allegedly.)

Preparations were made for a big launch in 2021 to reflect 100 years of the Moto Guzzi.

Two weeks ago, I was advised that the first bikes may be produced in December 2022 for delivery in 2023. You will be very brave to be one of the first owners.

I did test a TT85 and stated to the dealer that this is the bike I will buy when I am (much) older and they have sorted out the dash screen as the tiny blue background item was difficult to read in daylight! (Did nobody check this at the factory?)