Wanted - Left hand switchgear for T3 California

Wanted - Left hand switchgear for T3 California - it’s just possible that someone has a working one in a box or in the shed!

Have tried the usual suspects, and no-one seems to have any Used examples, nor any remaining stock of the (recently available) “new replicas” (which were of dubious quality). eBay reveals some offshore sellers, but for Reasons would prefer to source in UK.

Am fully aware of my alternatives in terms of replacing with other makes, thanks. Want to replace the part as illustrated if at all possible. And it’s just possible that I might yet be able to fix what I have, but looking for a Plan B.

The switchgear is probably the same as for other models of that era, but the T3 Cali had wider, taller handlebars and thus a longer ‘loom’ from bars to the back of the headlight.

I did have some of these on my bike at one time as the originals were even worse, I’ll have a look in the shed as I have now reverted to original 1974 ones!

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SORTED - I hope. Got new-old switchgear to fit the Cali bars, at least.

On to the next electrical gremlin ((o;

I had a look Barry but I must have thrown the switches away, sorry. They were not very good and when I replaced them I must have chucked them. I hope you have it sorted now. :+1:

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Thanks, @Chris950s - I very much appreciate you going to the trouble to look. I did source one, but it turned out to have a broken ‘main feed’ wire (for lights), at a very awkward place, so I’m still somewhat near “the drawing board” (o:

I’ve given my old, suspect switches a huge dose of contact cleaner, so if it stops raining, I might venture out there again today and try again… or one of the other “variables”. (o:

Hi Barry,
Is this the sort of thing you are looking for:

The lead is 76 cm. I bought it for a Benelli but I expect the internals are the same as Guzzi.

It is NoS but possibly Chinese, so I can’t guarantee the quality.

Thanks @Richardj - that does look very much like what I need, and the length is right too, but unless it’s a Guzzi item, and I know that the pins will then match like for like when I plug it into my loom, I’d rather fear that I might be adding other niggles to the (fairly straightforward) switch fault I’m trying to resolve. Might ping you if I draw a complete blank, though - thanks! And much appreciated.

Hi Barry,
That’s a fair point. but if you draw a blank and want more info don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to lend it to you so that you can try it if you want.

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You sir, are a gentlemen. Tell them I sent you (o;

You can check what the pins do with a multi meter and compare the results with a wiring diagram of your model. If some of the pins are in the wrong place it is possible to swap them, To remove the pins you will need a small tube to push back the ears on the sides of the pins, then they come free. I have done this myself on my own multi pin plugs.

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Yes, you’re right. Some people are able to do such things. I call them Magicians. (o; (But I do have a Molex pin extractor, cheap on eBay, purchased when I once naively thought that I might… just… nope).

Also, beware: some of those similar switches have different methods of earthing.