WANTED - Oil filter removal tool - V11 Scura

Hello all,

Would anyone have a oil filter sump cover removal tool [Part #: 01929100] either for sale at a reasonable price or that I could borrow?
The prices online seem excessive [> £65:00].
It will need to fit a V11 Scura.

Many thanks, Noel

Hi Noel, I’m not sure if it is the correct part but MGCycle in the States have something for sale for $16.00. It looks like the cover must have a hexagonal recess that requires a male hex to engage with it. Can’t you determine the size and get an Allen Key, or find a bolt with the right sized head and weld a nut to it so you can insert the head in the cover and use a spanner on the nut to undo it



Thanks for the suggestion. Once the weather improves & can get under the bike, I’ll have a look.
Rgds. Noel

maybe a bit late, but those are standard oil filter removal tools from any car spares place or Halfords, they come with different fluting and sizes so either take a spare oil filter or take the bike to shop.

sometimes when you replace the filter you end up removing with one tool and fitting with another as the filters can be different in size or flutes

Phil, Brian, thanks for your responses.
Phil - Apparently, the filter cover has a 27mm hex recess which just happens to be the same size as the rear axel nut on the V11. [Info from V11Forum].
Brian, Yep - since posting I have seen the filter tools online/Halfords so when I’m ready to do the oil change I’ll open it up, count the flanges then nip down to Halfords/MachineMart/ToolStation etc.

Thanks for your comments, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Rgds. Noel