Wanted parts for 125cc Stornello sport

Wanted parts for Stornello sport particularly piston and barrel.

Hi Graham
There is little chance of finding many parts in the UK. You are probably going to have to get them from Italy.
What is wrong with your barrel? Oversize pistons are available from Italy in many different sizes. but watch out for the size of the gudgeon pin, the come in two different sizes. 14 and 15mm from memory.
The sport has a domed piston, the Turismo has a flat top piston.

Who purchased all of Brians stock ?
that might be a source

Brian was more into Lodola’s rather than Stornello’s.
I’m not sure what happened to his stock of spares.

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Hi Don

My barrel is measuring just over 52mm so I will need an oversized piston. The piston that was in the engine was for a Turismo but the cylinder head is for a Sport.

Hi Graham
I assume your engine is a sport model with a T suffix to the engine number, the Turismo engine numbers start with N. The Turismo barrel is a lot slimmer than the Sport and so would not match the shape of the head.
Your piston should have a size stamped into the crown, have a look to see what size you are on at present. What is the bore like? Is there any lip showing near the top of the bore that would show if it is worn. If the bore is OK, you could get away with new piston and rings, but remember the gudgeon pin variation when ordering.
If the barrel is worn you will need to go for an oversize piston and rebore.

There have been a whole load of Stornello pistons listed on eBay in the past couple of days. All located in Italy, all different oversizes, some have rings, some have 2 rings out of the 4 needed, some don’t have any so read carefully.
I might be interested in buying your old Turismo piston if it is sound.

Hi Don
I have a T on the engine so it is a sport The barrel has a slight lip so I,m thinking I might get a rebore and oversized piston.The Turismo piston is complete with rings but no gudgeon pin.

It does sound like it is in need of a rebore. The curent piston size should be stamped on the crown of your piston, standard bore is 52.0, many different oversizes are available. It would be best to take your existing barrel and piston to a rebore shop to determine which size you need compared to what is available.
Another good place for a replacement is The King of Pistons

Let me know what you want for the old piston.

Hi Don
I’ve had the barrel chedcked and it is 52 1/2 so I’m going to get it bored out to 53 .I have ordered a new piston which should arrive in a couple of weeks.The Turismo piston is a nos with rings but no gudgeon pin or circlips so I don’t no if you would be interested in it also how much to ask for it .

Hi Graham
Does it have a size marked on the piston crown?
Can you also measure the gudgeon pin please. My little end is 14mm, but they also made 15mm pins on later models.
Many thanks.

Hi Don
The piston has 52 marked on the top and the gudgeon pin is 14mm.

Sounds like it is a standard bore size. Unfortunately I am on 52.4 at present so unless I get a new liner fitted, it would be to small for me.

Ok I will keep it for now.
Cheers Graham.