Water emulsion in engine oil

During a recent oil change, a mate remarked he’d never seen some much water. At the time I put it down to the amount of time the bike had been stood both before and after I’d bought it. However, 2000 miles later, and immediately following a tour of Belguim/Germany/Austria/Holland, I pulled the dipstick out to find a creamy white froth around the top of it. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing this?

creamy oil is caused by condensation, my t5 does the same if it gets lots of short runs.if you have later bike with the frame spine breather ( 84/5 onwards) removed the tank and blow all the breather hoses and frame out with an air line and remove the rocker boxes and clean all the cream and muck out

Yes it’s condensation and short runs. Oil never gets hot enough to boil the water out.

Sorry to hijack this thread but I’m not allowed to post in for sale section. Anyway this is related to oil temps so there is a connection!!This might be old news but German E bay has a few goodies around and I quite like this one.http://www.ebay.de/itm/Olthermometer-Moto-Guzzi-Le-Mans-850-I-II-III-NEU-/330710740234?pt=Motorrad_Kraftradteile&hash=item4cffe56d0aApologies if it’s old info.Regards,John

I forgot to mention the bike is a 2002 Cali EV. I’m not sure whether short runs is the issuet tho. Typical lengths of rides since oil change 200-250 miles per trip, the shortest run the last one from the ferry port at 80 miles.

Hi Andy,My EV produces mayo which my T3 and XPA never have.Less on longer runs but still there.I suspect it’s something in the design but haven’t thought it through just yet.All the bestSteve

I had mayo in my rockers on my MK111 in W Germany in '85.
A passing Vehicle mechanic told me it was bad news as it meant my head gasket had gone and water from my coolant was getting in my engine oil.
I ignored him, cleaned it out and have never had a similer problem in it or any of the 3 other Guzzi’s I have owned.
My journey to work from 1990 -2002 was 2 miles, from 2004 to date it is 5 miles.

I have a 97 cali ev. It had mayo for the first couple of oil changes then someone told me to ride it a bit harder as in rev higher. No longer a problem and it rides better at higher revs anyway.

Yes they like a good thrashing.

mayo is only a problem if you have a water cooled engine… both my guzzi’s have suffered from mayo, prob because im not confident enough to go blasting about the place. I do try to brave the local bypass every so often to let her work hard.both my lawn mowers ( air cooled honda and kawasaki engines ) both have some traces of mayo in the breathers.Regular oil changes and odd ride out and keep it in a lower gear for few miles will keep it at bay. Last ride of the season needs to be hard one to get the may out before the winter layup

Or keep riding all year round.
Easy for me to say in balmy Oxfordshire.

Barmy you mean, surely?

Absolutely old bean.