We have lift off!

My Ambassador project (basket case) which has sat for a year partly assembled and looking forlorn, mostly due to my lack of knowledge in the art of electrickery and the previous owner’s bodgery, has burst into life after farts and pops and running on one cylinder and numerous nearly theres. The engine is now running like a Guzzi should, sounding sweet. I have no idea yet if the gearbox works and the wiring still needs conecting to lights and stuff but, it lives! A few more battles ahead, probably, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Hurrah!

Well done, I dream of that moment! If you want any help with the wiring I can email you a coloured wiring diagram if I haven’t done so already!

Best wishes Chris

Thanks Chris,

If you have one for an Ambassador police bike I would love one. It has all the extra knobs and whistles

It is a fantastic moment when a pile of almost scrap, bursts into life.

Great news.
Does it smell alive too?
I love the oily, petrolly, warm smell of an engine that hasn’t run for a while.
Good luck with the final furlong.

Hi J Mee

I have prepared a new wiring diagram for said model but would like to make the following comments:

Carl Allisons’s wiring diagram is good but has two wires of different colours to those in the workshop/owners manuals
The wire between the amber rear lights and the amber lights switch he shows as white, the manuals show this as black/white
The wire between the neutral switch and the starter relay he shows as green, the manuals show this as black. (this is so the bike has to be in neutral when you start it)
I have corrected both these wire colours on my diagram.

Both Carl Allison’s and the manuals refer to a front brake light switch but neither show one so I have not included this.

Send me your email address via PM and I will send you a free pdf copy, if you would like an A3 laminated copy for the workshop then the price is £5.00 + £5.00 postage and packing. If you would like a laminated copy please send me your postal address via PM and I will let you know my PayPal address. I think I used to have all this information but I have lost email records to the great chasm that is Microsoft Outlook!

The sample below lost a lot of definition in converting it to a jpeg, but the original and pdf digital copies are pin sharp.

Best wishes Chris

John check your inbox I think it maybe full?

Ha - congratulations.

My experiences on bike builds are kind of the opposite. I’m quite happy assembling for a year or two. But once the bike has fired up for the first time it is just another bike that doesn’t run properly (grrrrr).

Good luck with your next stages.