Welding Cali luggage rack

I noticed yesterday that the luggage rack on my Cali had sheared right through part of the frame making up the pillion back rest and top box mount. It’s gone through on both sides! I would post a pic but I haven’t managed to get it off yet due to a couple of seized bolts, but that’s another story.

Anyway, has anyone had any success welding these sorts of things back together? I’ve got a hobby MIG welder and have done a few bits but by no means an expert! Luckily the break is behind the chrome covers so I can bodge it a bit but I don’t even know if I can weld chrome plated steel or not?

Any thoughts or pointers gratefully appreciated.

you have to grind the chrome away I am afraid
also simply welding it will make it fracture again welding raises the carbon level or something in the metal
best bet is to either fit a section of tube inside and weld or outside and weld then paint it with a silver paint
re chroming being priceyrapheal glynn2012-06-12 21:14:54

Chrome plated steel can be welded with MiG BUT TiG would be better and even an arc with the correct chrome steel rods. I worked for a welding company for a while and learned alot about repair welding they used to sell arc rods to bus companies to weldthe chrome hand rails and stainless steel.

Dunno if they are still going but traded as
Don Hoyland or Lyn alloys they would offer advice, which Cali is it as some of the later ones had chromed alloy pannier rails, I had cali 2 chrome rails that broke at Shaftesbury V Twin the local tyre place welded them withan arc welder no problem.

Cheers, it’s a 2002. Looks like steel as the break is starting to rust up.

As the break is out of sight I was thinking of welding some strips of flat bar either side to strengthen it. Apparently you can get chrome paint so I might look into that.

Guzzibear - I do have access to an arc welder so will try giving those companies a call.

Thanks :)hooters2012-06-13 07:33:50

Thr rods are not cheap BUT if you Bu**itted them they may send 1 or 2 rods foe “evaluation” as their sales guys happily demonstrate the rods, …IF they are still in business, I have to say I loathed the boss there Don Hoyland BUT the gear was superb so far from having any connection with them I reccomend the welding rods because they are top notch, easy to use and do the job
They have rods to weld All types of steel
All chrome and stainless and ones that weld cast iron without leaving real awful slag

Everywhere I went that did repairs were astonished by the quality. as I say the guy that owned the company was a real horrible bloke nasty and a bully, I stayed about 6 months and left before I had to slap him lol

Cheers Jim, I already have access to equipment and bits so it’ll cost me time and electricity to weld it myself! Unless I find some of these special rods Guzzi Bear has mentioned. I might keep my eyes open on ebay as a back up, looked up the price for a new bit and it was enough to make my eyes water!

There are repair welding rods out there as i said Lyn Alloys were one Eutectic were another make they ain’t cheap but do the job well, probably alot cheaper to take it to someone who has a good Tig welder and the rods to do it as it is not a huge job. Someone who welds stainless steel should have the eqpt to do it, for a quick job a Mig welder should do the job adequately