what are my chances off roller kit

hello all new member so be gentle :unamused: got my new 2011 griso the other day and it will need the roller kit eventually what are my chances of getting a free kit from guzzi its only done 9k and you can tell its been look after but i have no dealer history i no that they use a electronic data base to log service records is there any way of accessing this tried to find info to no avail infomation on how to go about it would be greatly appreciated also is there a good dealership in the derbyshire/midlands/south yorkshire area thanks neil
ps my cam covers don’t have the gromet around the spark plug instead theres a metal tube and no drill indent behind the cylinder head

I needed a fully stamped up service book when my Stelvio was done by Twiggers.

Sadly - nil, as Chris said they were reluctant enough at the time with a full set of stamps.

You’d need to go through a Dealer, they’d need to strip the Cam Boxes to check the DLC Coating, then put a claim in to Piaggio if they are starting to go.
As it’s only done 9000 miles, I doubt the Tappet Faces will be showing signs of failure yet, so you’re not likely to get the Kit approved.

I’m surprised your Heads don’t have the drilling mark, my '09 does.
As I understand it, it’s only the very earliest 1200 8V Engines that need the Valve Spring Shims for the Roller Kit.

Did you look in the right place, inside faces of the Heads (so, inside the ‘V’), next to the cast-in date marking?

I don’t think any manufacturer can ‘wriggle out’ of any claims because of lack of a FSH.
As long as you can prove it’s been maintained in accordance with the schedule, using the correct spec parts/consumables, you should still be covered.

At 9000 miles, it’ll only have had the one service anyway.

hi yes i have three service records from 2013 last one two weeks ago not bad has it’s only 9k miles just sent a message to the original vendors in dorset to see if they have anything. looked at the bike again it has no drill marks and the cam covers are the plain ones with the small o-ring inside the hole so it’s looking like the C kit most expensive just my look :unamused: anyone no were else sells them other than guzzibits to try and save some money. tried the dealers in yorkshire for info won’t bee going there :unamused: thanks neil

They generally go @ 12-15k miles, they all go in the end.
If you’re serious about keeping it buy the bits and get Baldrick to do it.
I see Todd at Guzzitech can get them to order.
Otherwise get rid of it.

Probably keep it for a few years so I’ll do it one way or another who’s Baldrick

Baldrick is a highly recommended Guzzi mechanic in South London who is very good at fixing Guzzis and has an interesting line in customer relations.

Well worth talking to him about your camshafts. He advertises in Gambalunga where you will find his contact details.

I’ll add my vote for going to Baldrick, top man!

My Tappets were just starting to show signs of the DLC Coating failing, at 28,000 miles.
Had 19,000 on it when I got it, I used Penrite 10 Tenths Racing Oil, has a high ZDDP (Zinc) content, which is supposed to delay the failure.
Who knows, glad I caught it in time.

I bought the Roller Kit from Agostinis, I was on a Fly/Rent Bike trip with some friends, Sep 2016.
Cost around €750, fitted it myself.

nice i’ll look into baldrick but i’m north Derbyshire so may be to far going to check the gaps then the tappet faces jut waiting for the original vendors from dorset there going to look up any service work carried out for me

If you are happy doing mechanical stuff then the job isn’t too bad, the left hand side is easiest to do. The right hand side the cam tensioner is located at base of barrel and requires airbox removing [use to be my worst job - air box].

The kit is comprehensive and mine had 3 thicknesses of head gasket included.

Streffords may be nearer than Baldrick and I think that they have a good reputation - use to visit them on ride outs from various rallies.

Forgot to mention that I whipped of the left hand head to check the cam and followers as its the easiest side and then ordered the bits to do the job - did re-use the head gasket - tut tut

Hi Neil, I bought a second hand 2010 Stelvio in the UK. I was assured by the sellers that the cam replacement job had been done. Whilst touring in Europe the engine became very noisy and I had it checked out at a Moto guzzi dealer near Venice. They knew immediately that it was the cam follower issue but needed to strip the rocker area and complete an inspection. They did this, wrote a full report with photos which they then submitted to Piagio. Meanwhile they checked on the service history of the bike. There were no records of servicing except that the instrument cluster had been replaced under warranty. None of recall work had been carried out on the bike. The dealer told me the bike needed the “B” kit version of the roller cam conversion. He said he did not know what support Piagio would provide given the lack of service history. I was informed about a week later that Piagio would supply the kit free of charge and I would have to pay the installation labour cost. I was more than happy with that and feel that Piagio treated me well. As an aside, when I returned to the UK I managed to recoup half the labour cost from the dealer who sold me the bike so i was very happy customer all round. The Italian dealer also carried out all the recall work at no cost to me. My understanding is that Piagio did not consider the potential cam failure as a recall issue but rather that they would pay for the parts required to repair the motor if such a failure occurred. In short Neil, I would suggest you have your bike inspected by a Moto Guzzi dealer and if there is indeed a cam failure issue, respectfully ask them to submit a claim to Piagio. As I said I was most pleasantly surprised with the way they treated me hence this positive note.

Good Luck,


thanks for that information cheers i’ll get it sorted before the warranty runs out thanks Phil

It was never a ‘recall’ as such, because it’s not considered a ‘safety’ issue.
The fact that they’re still supplying Kits free-of-charge after all this time is pretty amazing.
Of course, it should never have happened in the first place . . .

Some early fixes involved just replacing the Flats with a new set, I presume that was before the Roller Kit was developed.
Looking at the Casting of the Cam Box though, on the Flats, the raised portion around the Tappet Bores does look like it was designed to take the Roller Tappets from the beginning . . .

When you took the cam box off did you put it back on and ride until you sorted a kit out and did it back on with out any work on the valves/time chain etc need to know because I’ll probably have to ride two hours to drop the bike off were i bought it because it’s under warranty going to see if that will cover labor

Sorry for slow reply, I did ride for a while longer, whilst I was waiting for the kit to arrive - just a bit more paranoid

Oh and usual adjust valve clearances check, cam wheel lined up without any issue