what bike - not this one

I have occasional urges to buy a DN-01. Same lineage I guess.

Motorcycle designer Miguel Galluzi is quoted in Bike, May 2014, p57 - Re- the appearance of the latest batch of Hondas ‘is there one you would really love to buy?’

You can’t knock the man who dreamt up the Ducati Monster, but is this the Galuzzi who now says he is, “looking for the next form of mobility,” five to
fifteen years into the future, and he will be, “hiring young and
creative and crazy people,” at the new design center to do, “experiments
that might offer a rethinking or a melding of recent mobility
concepts”. Piaggio and Galuzzi hope to bring a more cosmopolitan perspective than is possible working only in Italy, and branch out to
such areas as electric vehicles that combine aspects of a motorcycle and
a car, like the Renault Twizy and Audi Urban Concept."The Renault Twizy is a windowless electric tandem car that only his mother could love!

Honda are having a real burst of modern creativity. There is some family resemblance in all their forward-looking designs…


Guzzi club probably not the target audience for this kind of thing :slight_smile:

melj2014-03-28 07:29:03

does the rear wing pull off to change a flat tyre?
looks like a Hyundai Blue2 with the coach-line sweeping down at the rear rather than up from the sil.

Californhihay2014-05-31 09:55:42

A mate of mine owns a Vultus, he loves it.

And he is a journalist with a collection of bikes to make any of us drool, Godet Vincent, 1975 Ducati 750SS ( 2 of these?) Norton Commander, etc. etc. who has ridden just about everything.
Usually he has a weakness for Italian bikes but really rates the Vultus as an everyday bike that will do anything necessary with adequate performance and 100% reliability.

D’rather ave me van…

I rode a DN01 once, biggest abortion of a bike I’ve ever ridden…