what bike - not this one

honda’s new NM4 Vultus, no pillion and feet forward, stelth fighter styling, I bet we see very few in the uk.
http://www.diseno-art.com/news_content/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Honda-NM4-Vultus.jpg [img]Californhihay2014-03-22 19:43:54

I like it. I like to see something futuristic from time to time…

The Vultus does take a pillion…the back rest swivels flat to become the second seat… DN01 meets NC 750 Integra.Anime and manga influences, which have so far not made it to Gambalunga.http://overdrive.in/news/honda-nm4-vultus-motorcycle-unveiled/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-dOcpHnCxQhttp://www.autoevolution.com/news/honda-unveils-the-all-new-nm4-vultus-photo-galleryvideo-78831.html

I did try to put the photo in -but failed - thanks

You were only missing an IMG tag at the beginning of the link, so you were 50% of the way

Jannie and I like this.

We are already looking for our matching Darth Vadar helmets.

But I am sure getting one into Denmark will be far too expensive.


I bet we see very few in the uk

Thank God for that. I find it rather vulgar and most unattractive. Certainly for me anyway.

An over sized scooter crossed with a bath tub?

Yeeeugh! Unsee, unsee…

Wouldn’t fancy being a pedestrian on the receiving end of that fairing

Car designers are aiming for safer fronts for pedestrians, it appears bike designers are targeting them!!!

Did that come first…in the ugly scooter category?

It needs a proper pannier system to go with it.Mirrors look a tad wide but apart from that ok.

Scooters are fun in their own right, and very practical. I owned 2 T&Gs and enjoyed both in their own way.

And big scooters are really impressive and they are a sensible choice as a practical and efficient vehicle. A mate of mine who is a lifelong hairy arsed biker of the old school black leather, torn denim, long hair and heavy metal school of biking had a go on a Yamaha 500 scooter and came back with a grin a mile wide. But he went on to buy a “proper bike”.

But this particular thing is so over-styled that it will look silly and dated in about 10 minutes.

I am intrigued that some posters refer to the Vultus as a scooter. It has 17" wheels, the same powerplant as the existing New Concept 750 Sport and X bikes, the same dual clutch system that also allows manual shifting even with a foot change, and it’s faired like a Goldwing… I know if it walks like a duck, etc…, but what features define a scooter nowadays? Honda's newest beginner bike is the blacked-out, anime inspired Vultus | Digital Trends

Compare with, not refer to as

Here are some tech specs, for reference or comparison… http://www.doble.co.uk/latest-news/honda-nm4-vultus.asp

When I see one being ridden at the TT, might then be convinced…or not.G.

I like the way that Honda are willing to be innovative, but I’m disappointed that this one seems to be heavier than the Breva 1100, and it doesn’t even have shaft drive.

Should have been called the Honda “VOMIT”

Interesting question. I looked at the photo and immediately thought “scooter”.

Not all scooters are twist and go, so it isn’t that.

Although most scooters have flat footboards, several models do have a bit of bodywork between the rider’s legs.

Although most scooters, traditional or modern, have an engine that swings with the back wheel, some early scooters had chain drive like a bike.

I think “scooter” if when you get on you lift your leg over in front of yourself rather than swinging it over the back seat. That would certainly be the case with this beast, but may also be the case with some big touring motorbikes.

Good answer! Take the Honda Integra…17" wheels, chain drive 750, but although not totally step-through, probably fails the leg over test…