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Best wishes to you all for a Happy and Enjoyable 2020!
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Well I’ve been for a spin today on my loop first ride of the year. Blown the cobwebs away, a bit cold but just what I needed, I also sneaked a burger and a shake for lunch! Not very new year but hell I’m a rebel.

I finally wired up the dynamo on my ‘56 Airone and took it for a test ride. Happy to report that it’s working as it should, so now my brake light will work all day. :smiley:

I went out to my dust covered workshop ( Builders from hell next door) and removed the battery, and removed the seized starter motor
however being mentally challenged, when it didnt start I tried pressing the button several more times
I know have a melted fuseholder
should have learnt from last time
I managed to obtain some replacement fuseholders of the same make and model as O/E in fact I ordered 20 as I am an idiot
no doubt they will come in useful for me or some one else
might get it done for the Sunday Oxford meet, or I will take the batmobile

My V7II has been sitting motionless since returning from the Scottish Branch’s annual gathering, ( Kinlochleven), in October of last year … Upon putting it away for the winter, I took the wheels off, the day I returned, and had two new tyres fitted … That was the last time it’s wheels turned … Today really has been too good to waste. So I took advantage of the “calm before the storm” … ( Ciara). I have previously been through three sets of Pirelli Sport Demons, ( in 14,000 miles ), and after 110 miles today, on Bridgestones … I am more than impressed … On returning home, I noticed that I seem to have got rid of the “whiskers and bristles” on the rear tyre …. As for the front … There seems to be just a few remaining … I’ll let my good pal Cabernet take it for a blast …!! Regards, Tony

Black Pearl is sitting out in the Bike-Port. Unloved, on SORN, with no MOT. Couple of bits plundered to keep other bikes running. Blue is also in the Bike-Port, also on SORN, though at least MOT’d. Horn plundered to get the SP through its last MOT … ever. Got some old American hard cases I want to make some racking up to see if they will fit on that one, so hopfully Ican get her up on the table and that done before the riding season proper commences. Jug is the ride of choice this time of year when conditions allow – defo no salt. Not on SORN – no expensive MOTs or tax required.

Long range SP370 is mostly the ride of choice over this winter, though even with that one I’m trying to avoid the salt (of which huge amounts are being needlessly and almost continuously drefted around this way).

It is a bit nuts isn’t it? Before I moved out of Essex I remember following a gritter for just the last couple of roundabouts to get home, I was on the X10; the spreader was literally chucking the stuff into my face and then I had to cope with the tyres sliding about on the stuff in the roundabouts. Madness. :angry:

Did you move out of Essex? I hadn’t guessed! :smiley:

I changed the rear brake pads on my Breva 750 - very exciting (better than watching the rain).

When I took out the old ones I was amazed to see , after 20,000 miles, that they were Brembo ones - probably the original ones from the factory. I was also surprised to find i got the pin out easily.

I gave it all a clean up with brake and clutch cleaner after removing the caliper. New pads went in with a bit of a fiddle. I also noticed the brake fluid had gone dark so I gave it a good flush through with fresh.

Next - clutch cable replacement then vroooom - back on the road!!

Got the Lemon MoT’d today, and then taxed it. I tried to tax it at the end of Jan as usual and hadn’t realised I forgot to get it Mot’d last August, so had to Sorn it for a few weeks. Anyway no advisories, which was nice.
Weather was better than forecast here today, so was able to get a short notice booking at Unity road mcs in Keynsham. Recommended. Nice to get out, first time I have ridden a bike for 3 months nearly.

Know what you mean, I was out on the Saturday on the Ural, then again yesterday to get MOT (coincidentally), first time since the beginning of November.


Nice idea Bill, is that in Stevenage? I see on their blog that run breifings are at 10:30 that meens a 9:00 start from here, 1 1/2 hour ride there, 1 hour ride out and an 1 1/2 hour ride home after a bun and coffee. Nice idea but at my age maybe a ride to the shop when the ride out is returning would be enough!

PS your bike is looking smart :smiley:


I thought you had a V7. Did I miss an update ??


Had a play around with my Stornello project today to see how the basic geometry is looking with some Suzuki forks and a back wheel I picked up yesterday.


Well, 2020 got going over the last few days. I got the alternator belt changed on the Norge, and the suspension serviced at Unity Road Motorcycles in Keynsham. The old alternator belt actually still looked in good nick at 54,000 miles, so perhaps a bit premature, but no issue.

Still need new tyres and will be due for yet another oil change before too long, but all running fine.

Yesterday got her out and took Annie out for her first pillion ride, just a few miles down to Clevedon for a coffee and cake by the sea. All fine, so hopefully she will be joining me for some of the events this year!

Here’s to the new season!