What does that do? - LM 2

Hello all.
Was fiddling around behind a fairing of Mk2 Le Mans last night.
Found a toggle switch in amongst the rest of the wiring. I assume it is some sort of flasher or hazard lights … Could someone confirm or enlighten me please .? I am looking at rewiring some of the loom around front of bike tonight so wanted to clarify before I end up disabling my bike for the weekend…

Usually hazard or it could be to switch the clock off my Spada it was for the clock save it draining the battery

was for hazard lights on my t5 and clock power on my friends spada

By default toggle is on a bracket mounted on back of dashboard LH side (using the clock’s studs) and is hazards switch. Biggest problem I have had with these is because they’re permanently live as positive Volts, this promotes oxidation making for corroded switch contacts and connectors so indicators can stop working.

If the wires from it are orange, pink and green/black then it is a hazard switch if not then I suspect someone may have added an anti-theft switch!

Mine got disconnected as someone thought it funny to keep turning them on and letting the battery go flat while parked at work!

Moved mail indicators over to switched circuit

I think the only time I used the hazards on my LM2 was when a mate I was touring with ran out of petrol. I didn’t see him stop (no mirrors), so didn’t realise for a while, and had to ride a few miles the wrong way along the hard shoulder of a French aoutoroute at night, headlights off, hazards flashing. We laughed about it later…

Hey thanks guys for really helpful info. Checked the colours on the wiring and its a hazard flasher switch. Think I will keep it in the loom.
Just ordered one of chis’s laminated diagrams, so will venture further into what is currently a jumbled mass of wiring and loose connections, over the weekend.
Ride safe

That of course is the other problem. But of course it also means the turn switch is live as well, so same thing can happen with the indicator switch. If you want to make sure, move the supply wire to flasher at the fusebox end to fuse No. 2, this is how pre-hazard bikes are wired. I’ve done this on mine for the recent new loom job, can’t remember using hazards apart from testing if they still work. HTH