What footpeg options? - V50

I am wondering what options there might be for changing the current footpegs on my 1979 V50 Mk2 from the current setup… Most aftermarket footpegs don’t have fittings that match the originals…most seem to be screw into the frame type whereas the V50 has two lugs with bolt holes that secure the footpeg. I would love some rearsets but I see no way these would attach without major fabrication. Any links or ideas welcomed.

These look pretty good to me: rearsets

I agree, they look fantastic…however, the mounting of them looks like it would require the frame to be drilled, which I want to avoid if I can. Most replacement footpegs seem to be the type that screw into the frame, which aren’t suitable for my ancient steed.

Long time since I had a a V50 so can’t check, and maybe I’m missing something, but it looks to me like they just bolt in, remove your existing lever, and the bolt with spacer just in front of the peg on their system goes into the hole that you take the original lever out of. Their description mentions nothing about drilling or modification to fit either.

Ah…I see now how they mount…well the brake lever at least, not sure about the gear lever. Is there a brand mentioned in the advert or posting to the UK? I have ordered a some issues of your magazine btw.

Your mags are on their way, enjoy

No brand in particular but I’ve seen the guy advertise for quite a while now and his feedback is excellent. Not cheap but you get what you pay for I guess. He doesn’t mention about posting to the UK but I’m sure he can be persuaded…italianmotor2013-10-14 18:30:23

The Monza pegs are mounted further back, this photo shows a V50II frame rail against the monza one.

Beat me to it Grahame…
Back in the 80’s when I had me first V50, Bernies, I think it was, advertised rearsets for same but were only really some brackets and shorter levers.
This of course meant that changing gear and braking just became more awkward…

Mags have arrived today thanks! Looking forward to the read. Thanks for that photo Grahame…there’s quite a difference between the standard bike and the Monza in terms of positioning then. Looking at the photo is there a difference as to how the pegs are mounted between the two bikes…they both mount with the lugs? Guessing then that rearsets on a standard V50 not worth the bother nor expense guykate? I have yet to get sat on the bike properly to work out whether rearsets are even required, but I am thinking that me dropping the clipons below the top yoke means a bit of a stretch with legs in the normal position…thinking whether they might be better off above the top yoke.

If you fit lower bars then yes I think the pegs would need altering for comforts sake. Shortening the levers does make the controls harder to use tho methinks…

I had this problem with mine when it had the homemade rearsets on, the pedals pivoted on the actual footrests so quite short, the brake pedal was very insensitive. Mind you Brembo pads didn’t help either.

NigelHave a check out of this solution to the same problem:-http://www.gbbikers.co.uk/gbb/index.php/topic,54550.new.html#newJust spotted you have already commented on this thread!

Don-Spada2013-10-18 01:05:04

Cheers. Think I will look for something that fits in the standard position that is a little less clunky looking.

It is likely that I shall go with these lovely works of art… http://www.flyhammer.it/shop/en/rearsets/402-moto-guzzi-v35-v50-v65-adjustable-rear-sets-racing.html