What now!

Hi folks, I returned from my three week holiday touring France at the end of September, mrs Jones my 98 Cali didn’t miss a beat. Locked in the garage since (using my Scura). When’d to wake her up yesterday…dead. Put the jump leads on and with the key out she became live, eh? But no buttons worked. Turned the key and she spluttered into life. I left the leads on for a while to charge the battery but she would die without the leads. Left her run for 20 mins with the leads on and all seeemed well so I put her back to bed, turned the key off , she stopped but battery and neutral light remained on. Removed the battery, quite new AGM type it was very low so put it on trickle charge. 24 hrs it seems ok showing 12.8 v. Any ideas what might be wrong. I kin hate electrics.

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Didn’t Delboy have something like this? Was at 2013 V-Twin Rally I think.

I personally have no ready answers.


AGM batteries don’t like going flat. Can you swap the battery out of the Scura into the Cali to see if that cures the problems.

This is a case of ignition being on when key is off. Pretty sure delboy had exact same thing but can’t remember how it was cured. Presume it did this while it was left and so discharged the battery.

I can confirm AGM’s die if left discharged for too long, so have now got myself an Optimate. But think battery is still too far gone.

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