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Edit post Report this post Reply with quote WHAT NOW! Postby mo_biker » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:11 pm Hi folks, I returned from my three week holiday touring France at the end of September, mrs Jones my 98 Cali didn’t miss a beat. Locked in the garage since (using my Scura). When’d to wake her up yesterday…dead. Put the jump leads on and with the key out she became live, eh? But no buttons worked. Turned the key and she spluttered into life. I left the leads on for a while to charge the battery but she would die without the leads. Left her run for 20 mins with the leads on and all seeemed well so I put her back to bed, turned the key off , she stopped but battery and neutral light remained on. Removed the battery, quite new AGM type it was very low so put it on trickle charge. 24 hrs it seems ok showing 12.8 v. Any ideas what might be wrong. I kin hate electrics. User avatar mo_biker Non MGCGB Members Posts: 266 Joined: Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:18 am Location: Ireland Private message

Blimey Mo…have no idea…somebody shud be along soon…

I know some batterys will show good volts but have poor Amps.
Maybe not the proper thing to do but i give my gell batteries a quick burst of full power on the charger for at the most 20 mins, seems to work for me.

Not sure if this is true but charging for long periods can dry out the gel (AGM ) ( maybe )

As I posted on the other (first) copy of this topic, I’m sure Delboy had this happen on his, while at 2013 V-Twin, not sure how or if it was fixed, and what he did to fix it, or not.

I think I mentioned on this before, can you swap the battery from the Scura into the cali, see if a known good batery resolves things.

Could it be a sticky relay problem, holding shut when it should be open?

The recommended supplier for new Guzzi relays is Pyro Dan


Battery is good. Also used known good battery. Relays are all fairly new from dan. I think I will have to take the hard route, starting at the ignition switch. Bar steward bike.
I did send a message to delboy but no reply.

Problee in his shed. :smiley: