What shade of red is the Guzzis of the 50's

Does anyone know what the red of the MG.s built in the 50,s is?
I have a Guzzino 65 and I want to rattle can paint the rear seat frame and parts…I thought that there may be a car colour that is close enough…anyone got any ideas?


Have you looked at this co. Very helpful on the phone as well.

Thanks for that Steve, I will call them…
The problem with a 68 year old bike is the fact that there is a degree of fading…like most red colours.
Tempting to have the whole frame powder coated( like most of the YouTube vids!)…But there is something about honest Patina.Well used, and well loved…Maybe?


I painted my 65 Stornello in Ford Colorado red, but as I did the whole bike it didn’t matter if it wasn’t an exact match.
Trying to match an old colour is never going to be easy. Maybe take a part down to your local car park and see if you can find a good match.

That is a very very pretty bike Don. I think I want one. I presume that’s your shed in the background.

It’s a fun little bike, but not up for any distance, great for popping into town for a bit of shopping and exploring the local back lanes.
I think the local Reverand may have something about using St Dy’s as my shed!