What switch gear ? T3/Lm2

G/day all ,    Well i have just recieved my Vt750 Honda switch gear for my T3 Cafe    racer project .    They Dont fit. The Actual size of the Switchgear , fouls the Levers on     both sides .     Being patient , i was measuring and messing , thinking i would file/machine    them to make them fit ,, to No Avail , i would have to machine off the     Bolt holes that physically hold em together .. ! ..    So  ,, The Question of the Day is this.......    What switch gear Fits other than the Original ..     I have a Set of Clip on Magura Bars , that will work with the originals..    But would really like something cast and Japanese    Talk to me

Doubt if you will find cast to fit
The modern stuff will fit with Tomaselli throttle on right

Yamaha R1 it has lights on/off on the right BUT the V11 has the lights on the left and also will fit THAT is the same switchgear as Honda Firestorm.


I did post the fitment to Yamaha in either non OEM or Frequently asked questions

Also Triumph switch gear fits as does Ducati

ANY lights that had 2 headlamps will mean there is a link wire within the switch that has to be cut/unsoldered.

I have swapped switchgear more than once in the 20+ yrs I have had the V1000 it used the rubbish CEV stuff

There were cast switches from Yamaha and or old Honda stuff BUT they are NOW very hard to find and expensive.

I got switch gear from breakers at under £10 a side.

The small R/h switchgear IF it has the lights on off you will have to modify your wiring. Look for the ones that are 1" wide or under.

The left hand side only needs to match in as much you either need the lights on/off that side …or not.

I took time looking at dealers and in bike parks at switchgear before buying.

I got Honda Superdream ones to go with Le Mans 1 clutch and brake levers no probs. Cannot be dogleg levers though, as they will foul, so ‘normal’ ones; although dogleg brake might get away with it but a bit iffy really. Has failed an MOT like that. (Too close when pulled back.) HTH

PS: Honda Superdream are cast bodies, held together by two screws Left: dip switch, horn button (internally earthed to handlebar + separate earth wire), flasher button (‘pass’), L/R indicators; Right: kill switch stop/run/stop (but contacts closed in the off position), lights off/side/main, starter button. HTH

Stein Dinse have just started to offer as new replacement switchgear for Lego types for the left hand side. Ride side wil be available this autumn (they say).

As I said the V11 Le Mans and other bikes of that era use EXACTLY the same switch gear as

Honda Firestorm
and other Honda bikes as well as Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph Ducati …many are available 2nd hand for UNDER £20

Basically there were alot more Jap bikes than Guzzis … Guzzi buy in many cycle parts and are the same as other bikes

IE the Le Mans mirrors are the SAME part number as the Buel Firebolt

The Indicators are the same as other bikes too and often 2nd hand far cheaper when got as XYZ as opposed to Guzzi …New is often far less expensive as well

I targeted " Triumph Switchgear " The T595/ in my case .    I posted on another Forum asking for measurements ,     when i got them the Outside Diameter was 65mm ,    I need not more than 50 ish , i have a LH switchgear of unknown origin     with an Outside diameter of 55 which is too Big .      Is the Standard LE man 2 switchgear rteally that Bad ,     it would make things easier " Plug and play As it were

I owned a LM2 for about 5 years from new, and found the switches reliable. The 1980 T3 I bought a couple of months ago still has the original switches (the same as a LM2), and they work ok, so I would conclude that relaibility isn’t an issue. Having said that, the ergonomics are dreadful, particularly the indicators where the difference between left, right and centre seems to be fractions of a millimetre! You sort of get used to it, and you can buy a direct repacement for the originals.

My Spada uses the same LeMans 2 switchgear, had to replace the right one may years ago but has been good since then.

This is an oportune thread given that I came on line this AM to suss swich gear out!


The LH switchgear (Cali 1100 carby) on mine has a tendency to slip round a bit sometimes but I can’t tighten as threads are on their last legs.

Does everything you’ve said above apply to mine GB?

tris2013-05-15 08:06:47

The NTX switchgear (early 1990’s) is really good quality and is the same as that fitted to Ducatis in the Monster era. As a result plenty in the breakers.Sadly not cast so doesn’t address the original questionMay be an answer to Tris’s Cali 'though.Best of luckSteve