What to look for when buying a Breva 750

Considering buying a Breva 750, any tips on what to check apart from the standard stuff?
This will be my 7th Guzzi if I get one

if the speedo sensor is at the back wheel as in the Nevada, make sure the speedo works. thay can fail with water and corrosion, be couse thay are in a stupid place, :smiley:

Nothing special.
There is one in the latest Gambo, good bikes , have a go.

Stand the bike on the centre stand or upright with the steering straight. Look from the rear of the bike at the tank. You are looking for bulging to the right.

Gerrrofff. Done the deal!

Good, you won’t be disappointed.

Cant wait!
I have been looking for a while. Back on a Guzzi after 4 and a half years!

Buy the best you can afford, it will work out cheaper in the long run

points to look for

Service history by a competent mechanic, book stamped and receipts kept

if the owner has done it themselves ask to see all receipts for parts, check dates tally with servicing
shock horror people lie and forget when money is involved ! ( been caught in the past)

make sure the owner has kept it for at least a year, lots of blokes in sheds tarting up bikes over the winter and flogging them on

I might upset a few people here, but tough

if you want a good bike to enjoy make sure it has been looked after by a qualified motorcycle engineer and dont worry about mileage
its cheaper in the long run
make sure engine is stone cold when you arrive ( put your hand on the rocker cover) ( proves battery is ok and helps to shows faults)
start engine using cold start lever if required, should spin up quickly and idle smoothly
no smoke or oil leaks
let it run for 2 minutes then back off cold start lever it should tick over smoothly without excessive tappet noise around 800rpm
look for oil leaks on the inside of the rocker cover, the breather hoses can tear with age, and when removing cover to set tappets
a good owner will have had them replaced
ask what spares/service manuals accessorises come with it
check the clutch action, if its stiff the pivot on the gearbox has seized, job for a skilled man but not expensive
long runs and oil changes important
look at the shock absorbers around the cups at the top, they can corrode from inside, after about 10 years though a set of hagons is worthwhile and not expensive
if it is fitted with a centre stand, ( optional extra) check steering bearings by turning from side to side and feeling for notching by using the wheel rather than the bars
both keys present ?
brake fluid changed every 5 years maximum ( many never bother, but then the seals and piston fail)
its called preventative maintenance for a reason
at 10 years the high pressure hoses from the pump in the tank to the injectors are due for replacement
This is stated in Moto Guzzis factory service schedule
I had mine replaced , not expensive, far cheaper than a fireball or an annoying fuel leak
I know that lots of people will tell you they never fail, but the insurance companies are wise to this, and my local breakdown company has collected a fair few bikes this spring, spraying petrol everywhere !
check gaiter on driveshaft for tears, water can get in and damage the UJ
make sure the gearbox oil has been changed, lots of people who :SERVICE: their own bikes never change the gearbox oil, and bevel box oil
also worth popping the rear shaft out occasionally, greasing the swing arms bearings, and putting a drop of oil in the drive shaft housing to keep away rust, and lubricating the splines at both ends
check that the two hoses running from the filler cap are not blocked, use a bit of pipe and blow air down them to see, or WD40
one allows air into the tank, the other allows water to escape
look for corrosion on footrest mountings and wheels
try to get one that has not been repainted in silly colours, it might hide something
batteries dont last for ever but lead acid Yuasa batteries are under £50 new
LED rear/stop lamps are a good addition as vibration kills standard lamps
lift the seat and check for bodgery, and accessories added to the wiring harness, if you see terminal block or those crush connectors walk away
check to see if the sensor in the cross over box is in place and connected ( some people disconnect it, not a good idea
check that sidestand and centre stand operate smoothly and have been greased regularly

go for the best bike you can get with service history by a proper motor engineer and in good origional condition, accessories add value
check to see if the owner has removed things like pannier frames panniers racks and screens to try to get more money later
if they do that what else missing ?
last bike I sold everything went with it including spares and special tools
check both side panels are undamaged, the grommets needs a little bit of silicon lube on them
check that the gear change lever and foot brake lever are not bent, same with footrests and mounting plates
I have seen bodgers repair them with araldite, replacements are cheap compared to an accident if the bodge fails
check that all switch gear works smoothly

Road test if possible
turn on ignition and wait for both clocks to sweep the dial and return, dont start until this has happened, its part of the process
engine should pull without juddering and spitting once warm
all warning lights should go out
handling is nuetral
apply brakes hard on a good clear road from 50 mph
the motorcycle should pull up smoothly
juddering from front means warped disc, common if piston has seized and caused brake to bind
not too much travel on handbrake lever and footbrake lever
first gear can be a bit notchy from cold on earlier bikes
whines from gearbox are common, they all do that eventually
if you take your hands of the bars if may shake the bars, mine has always done this from new, not sure why, but in 5 European trips its never spat me off
if it judders below 3k in town and backfires dont worry thats a common fault easily rectified, I fitted a gadget to cure this,

EFi light, if it comes on and off ask if the owner has not used it much, on my bike when its been left for a few months the fuel seems ot go off and I presume lower the octane rating, the EFi then retards itself and hits its limit and bring the light on
usually a tank of fresh fuel and a long run and it goes out
oil pressure light should not come on even with engine hot and ticking over
check tyres for tread depth and damage, around 150 to 180 pounds per pair if you remove the wheels
make sure the toolkit is included

once you agree on a sale,
take some photographs, including the battery, its not unknown for people to remove a decent battery once its sold and fit a worn out one then warm the bike up ready for you ?
check panniers have both keys as well
check engine number and frame number tally with log book

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Wow! Pretty comprehensive list, thanks

I have owned one from new in 2003, been across Europe many times often 2 up
never failed me yet
I only wish the engine was smaller so I paid less road tax !

£30 for the year on my Picanto, and it’s an 1100.

its a pain, my daughter pays 10 pounds on her car, and my car is only 120 pounds per year
and yet smaller 600cc bikes that develop more power pay less VED ?
I still love the Breva though
I have looked at other makes and models of motorcycle and while they all offer something, they dont offer as much as the Breva does
it suits my limited riding skill
and my nearly empty wallet !!