Whats it worth v65 florida

Hi all just trying to find out roughly my bikes worth been sat in the shed for over 2 yrs now still runs although could do with new battery and starter mortor and new tyres apart from that she is in pretty good nick . First registered in 1986 have original service manuals and keys pretty much original apart from airbox and mirrors, many thanks Jay

with a MOT and with the bike cleaned up and any rusted up bits cleaned up or replaced maybe £1.500 to £2,000, is a screen fitted? or panniers etc without a picture of the bike close up it is only a guess, the cost of two new tyres- second hand starter motor and new battery could cost the new owner a fair amount, a bike which has been stored for any number of years could turn out to be a good buy or a never ending money pit. a picture or two would be a big help.

Thanks for the reply will post up some pics when i can dig it out of the shed