What's this ?

the block with 3 fuses sitting under the seat - and of more concern: should it have a cover?


the idea of electrics open to elements doesn’t give me a warm, secure feeling


What bike?They mau be spares.

1200 sport - apologies, I assumed all Guzzi looms would be same, silly notion now I think about it.


seems bit odd being open to the elements - I know they have Elements in Italy

The workshop manual says these are the Main Fuses - in the drawings in the manual these Main Fuses are not covered.

Is strange, after all the Auxiliary Fuses sit in a lidded box. I thought the lid must have come off but perhaps not…??


TonyTooJuicy2014-08-11 13:58:37

Yes they could use a cover.I suspect the cross ways fuse is a spare.Possibly Italian elements have more style.

My Griso is the same and no cover.

My 1200 sport is the same, but also my old 1000 Le mans. Never had a problem with that.

Well, the seat seems quite a large cover to me! :slight_smile: