WhatsApp group ? For last minute rideouts

As a non facebook/twitter or any other social media set-up, i find all my guzzi info via the forum, but do use whatsapp for family group stuff. And often when ive popped to squires for a cuppa ive thought i could have mentioned it via whatsapp and given others the chance to have a quick ride out for a brew and a chat. I know theres 3 Yorkshire groups and maybe there could be a collective whatsapp so anyone could pop a quick message on if in the mood for a last minute rideout, especially if it stops bloody raining. Just a thought, dont know if its practical or workable but was in my head so here it is. Dont even know how to set up a whatsapp group so i may be barking up the wrong tree, but its out there anyway. Cheers Mark :slightly_smiling_face:


There are many members (as I understand) who also don’t do facebook and other social media. I’m definitely one of those.

The whatsapp thingy is different. You set up a group, give it a name then add your chosen contacts phone numbers. Anyone else that would like to be included would have to give you their phone numbers. The person who sets up the group is known as the “group administrator”. Any member is free to leave a group. All group members are able to post messages and images and even video conferences. But I guess you know how it works.

I personally consider it more private than the other social media facilities, although am aware that FB purchased WhatsApp some time ago.


I think that is a great idea. I have never used facebook and never will so a whatsapp group would be a lot safer and not full of junk.

I like the idea in principle but some large WhatsApp groups can get clogged up with random chatting, which can get in the way of people trying to organise things. Having said that, having one that occasionally gets too busy is probably better than not having it at all.

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It’s egrets idea. The Staffies use WhatsApp alongside email, this forum and FB.
We have one page for the Staffies which has two sections, Events is self explanatory and we have a Q&A section for other conversations.
Having a strong admin team helps too.