WhatsApp group

The Staffies now have a WhatsApp group for event notifications & Branch queries. If you would like to join lease contact John Hooper or Steve Freeman and we’ll get you sortged.
Branch meeting at Crown and Thistle, Kidsgrove Wednesday 1/11 from 7pm.
Saturday 4/11 we’re enjoying delicious food at The Bakehouse Cafe, off the A50 near Uttoxeter from 12 noon.
All welcome

Hi Brian. You’re in! You can select Staffies Events and/or Staffies Q&A
We’re over at the Bakehouse Cafe near Spath from 12 noonish today if you want to swing by.

@Duffy we’ve deleted your post (now that @guzzibrat has confirmed your request) so as to remove your personal phone number from view.