Wheel bearings

Hello everyone,
Am trying to replace my wheel bearings (spoked front, cast rear - due to diesel induced drop on Blackheath hill).
Is there any trick to this? I’ve tried using a drift, alright an old screwdriver, but I can’t get enough purchase on the inner race without the ‘drift’ slipping.
Cheers, Tim

From memory, why the inner race?
I used a 25m nylon rod across the whole face of the bearing and had no problem.

Have an old 1/2" drive 8" socket extension which I use by putting the rounded end against the bearing inner edge and hitting the square end. Works pretty well every time.

Thanks for the relies so far. Sorry, should have been a bit clearer, I’m trying to remove the old ones first and the bearing spacer is what is preventing me getting any purchase.

Dremel works great cut a V it just pops out :smiley:

Just whack the centre of the bearing, the bearing on the other side should dislodge enough to move the spacer out of the way, then go about taking them out with your favourite drift. Use a bit more finesse for the new bearings.

Thanks for all the replies. In the end I foun a new drift in th shape of 1/4" rod and removed both bearings and replaced them in less than 10 minutes. So wrong tool and not enough clout - too long spent maintaining bicycles…

If at first you don’t succeed, get a biggerer 'ammer … :smiley: