Wheel powder coating query.

Looking to get the wheels on my 1100 Sport inj stripped down and recoated as the original paintwork is spalling off after repeated glued balance weights and other dings have taken their toll. Question is are the Marchesini wheels up to the temps quoted ie 200 deg C and >if< they are Magnesium will any acid bath removal process tend to disolve them into mush? Anyone been through this process / route? If so any suggestions?

Stripping powder caot is a pain the grade of the grit is very coarse , mutch to coarse to recout straight off so you have to do them again in finer grade etc
i use this at work its water based non harmfull and will strip powder coating (DONT ASK ME HOW IT WORKS) but it does it does come in smaller bottles but you have to imerse the part
modern alloys i would be wary of chemical stripping with acid based products etc

http://cirrus-systems.orderfullfillment.co.uk/18-ecostrip-500-25-litres.htmlEx smokingbiker2012-11-08 16:12:43

I had to strip powder coating from the alloy wheels of my Aprilia after they were fd up by a don’t care company. a blaster tried it and the agent he used just bedded itself into the coating. I finished up using nitromores and a pressure washer. It took 3 litres of the stuff, 4 rotations of apply then blast and half a days work. Made a hell of a mess too. I then got them re-powder coated gold by another company who went bankrupt 3 months later, about the same time as the finish went dull. I will never powder coat anything again, I think it is far overated. Given the choice I will paint in future.

Ah’ll be tinkin I’ll just be leave’n dem tirty!

Shotblast and paint,do it all the time.
Comes off a treat

That’s what I am coming around to. A softish abrasive grit. The Marchesinis are probably (TBC) an MagAl mix so the fizzy stuff in the link above is a no no.
Bit of research to do with Marchesini to find out exactly what the wheels are - if no Magnesium then that makes it easier.

Etch primer is critical too by all accounts. The actual final colour is yet to be confirmed but again will depend on Marchesini findings.

edit - just clocked your footer - may PM you when I get around to wheel removal time?Mad Farquhar2012-11-10 18:41:45

just thought would mention in case you have not looked at the link
the fizzy stuff is water based non acid and safe for skin contact

I did look at the link thanks and this caught my eye:-
" However, some materials, including those containing magnesium or copper and certain plastics, may be adversely affected."

Bit of a warning there though ESB. It’s expensive stuff to test with on two counts - what it will do to the wheel and how much it costs. However not wholly discounted at the moment.

just seen this place mentioned on another forum… sounds like the man for the job… ?

just had a look very experianced chap thats started it up

Now that’s worth a call via the telephonium apparaticus.

When I asked about doing the wheels on the V11 Twiggers reccomended C J Ward in Burton -on Trent 01283 536135 … However I have decided that although the Powder coating is circa £30 /wheel I will go to Ray get the old stuff stripped off and paint them.

I have found when the PC gest a pin hole in it the alloy corrodes under it and looks awful …paint can be re touched and once done and clear coated lasts as well and I have more control over the colours.

Hi,A daft question perhaps but I don’t know any better!Is it OK to get PC wheels lightly scuffed and then painted if the PC is in good condition? For all I like my V7 Stone I always prefer Silver wheels to black and might shell out some pension over winter for a different look!Regards,John

For that I would do an internet search buddy, at a guess I would think all you would need to do is clean the PC then apply an ESP (easy surface preparation) to key the surface for paint.

But to be sure I would do a search ie "How to prepare powdercoat for paint!

Thanks for the response guzzibear, I’ve just been on and read plenty of forums which say it can be done as long as the prep work is spot on.Regards,John

Hello Mad Farquhar,
I have used TPCS recently for black powder coat of a centre stand and was very pleased with the results. Whilst there, he showed me other work he had on and it all looked good. He has good experience in mag alloy wheels too.

Hope this helps.

Cheers for that djp - once I get the wheels off for a clean up and look see I’ll give him a call and have a chat. Back at work now so will be next week before I start.

Article in December Ride mag re powdercoating not got around to readint it yet

The last time i went to get some powder coating done they had a big barrel full of cellouse thinners which they put the parts in to strip old powder coat and paint in general. It still works!