Wheelbuilders in London

Anyone know any wheel builders in London? Preferabley South West, West??
Got a couple of spoked wheels with small wobbles that need “trueing”
The nearest I can find is 70 miles away and I’m far too lazy…

Hagon are up the road in Essex if that’s any good for you


yes and they’re very good but 6 week minimum and as a subscriber to modern society: I want it now! :laughing:

Roger Dunster, Walton-on-Thames, google him and you should get his number. Excellent chap. You will spend longer talking to him than it will take for him to true your wheels though !
I usually drop off and collect about a week later.

Top Tip - thank you!
Phoned Roger, taking the wheels to him on Saturday.

If any one else is reading this and lives near the South coast I have chatted with Vince at https://colwoodwheelworks.co.uk/ who is very helpful and even offered to do while I waited but a bit far for me.

I remember back in the day there were wheelbuilders everywhere in London and then these damned cast wheels came along. Ho hum…

Went to Roger on Saturday. Done in 10 minutes but there for 2 hours!
Top bloke highly reccommended.
TonyB - thank you!

No worries.
Only 2 hours ? :laughing: