Where Can I get these from..?

Them two rubber holder things, that go into the holes on my T5’s front mudguard are both now broken, 30yrs they’ve been there… :frowning:

So as I’ve just re-newed the brake lines, I thought it best I try to replace them, but don’t know what you’d call them, or WHERE I’d get them… :question:


Thats very RED mate :astonished: .

Have you electrickery on Albert yet ?

Gutsibits i would think ?

Albert is waiting, got to sort this out first, I’ve had a look on Gutsibits but can’t find em. Mostly cos I don’t know what they’re called… :frowning:

Too many bikes, all with different names for stuff I suppose… :astonished:

Who’d have thunk it… :astonished:

They’re called Brake Line Eyelets, and Gutisbits do indeed have them, well ONE at least. So it’s been ordered, wonder if they’ll get any more in soon… :question:

Looks like a job for tie wraps and nylon washers :smiley: